STF: STSF-131 Landing

George Schellenger and Tim Bailey report from the Shuttle Landing Facility at NASA Kennedy Space Center on April 20, 2010. Space Shuttle Discovery landed after nearly 16 days in space during mission STS-131.

You can also check out our latest video of theĀ STS-131 Landing on Vimeo!.

Extended STF: President Obama goes to NASA

George Schellenger and Tim Bailey at NASA KSC

George and Tim in front of NASA's VAB

George and Tim take a broad look at President Obama’s trip to NASA from Space X to Orion. What’s in it for you? How can you get involved? This time on the Space Task Force.

Click here to download STF Video: President Obama’s Visit to KSC

STS-130, First of the Final Five Launches

After low-lying clouds scrubbed the first attempt, STS-130 took off at 4:14 am in what is scheduled to be the last night launch of a space shuttle. The Space Task Force was on hand for the historic launch of Endeavour–as we will be for each of these ‘Final Five’ launches in 2010.

STS-130 is carrying the Tranquility module (formerly known as “Node 3”) along with the special multi-window “cupola” viewport. The crew of Endeavour will spend their first two days catching up to the space station before docking to start their mission.

The orbiter is scheduled to return to Kennedy Space Center Stay late on Feb 20 after 13 days in space. Stay tuned to the Space Task Force as we continue our extended mission coverage of STS-130 from rollout to the pad to rollout on the runway.

You can also download the video here: STS-130 Launch!

STF Video; STS-130 Rollout to Pad

Click here to watch or download: STS-130 Rollout to the Pad

As 2010 begins, we’ve started to countdown for the final shuttle flights. This time, Tim and I go behind the scenes of a shuttle rollout. Space Shuttle Endeavour is scheduled to launch of Feb 7 on a mission to the International Space Station to install Tranquility – space’s first bay window on the earth.

STF Video: Unlimited Visibility

Click here to watch or download: Unlimited Visibility

In the final part of our 4 part series, Space 2010, we remember the words of Gemini and Apollo Astronaut Ed White. In describing his first spacewalk, he talked about having “unlimited visibility.” Space provides “unlimited visibility” – but it also provides something more – and the more is the focus of this final segment.

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On behalf of Tim and myself and all the members of the Space Task Force, special greetings this holiday season – and here’s wishing that the New Year provides us all the vision for an incredible future…

STF Video: Humanity is the Spinoff

Is it me, or does it seem crazy, that even today, we have to justify sending people into space? The so-called “spinoff” argument. As we continue our series, Space 2010, we look at the most important spinoff of all — ourselves.

Click here to watch or download: Humanity is the Spinoff

STF Video: Footprints and Flags

Don’t get me wrong, I love Project Apollo as much as any space enthusiast. However, something’s been lost in the space of 40 years. In Part 2 of a special report, we look at the bleak reality of where we are, and what must be done.

Click here to watch or download: Footprints and Flags

2009 marked 40 years since the first time people walked on the moon. 40 years. What did Apollo teach us? Have we done enough to honor the legacy – or was it just about footprints and flags? It will never be a good time to do the impossible, the difficult – or the challenging. What we need is the resolve to evolve. There is simply no other choice.

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STF Video: Transition Point

What would John F. Kennedy say?

Click here to watch or download: Transition Point

At the Space Task Force, we’ve been fortunate to be near the front lines during this massive transition to the next space age.

So much is happening. And as things change, it is critical we participate in any way we can.

Will we make the right decisions for the long term? What will happen after the space shuttle? Are we up for the challenge?

This short video looks ahead to 2010 and also back to John F. Kennedy and his address to the students at Rice University in 1962.

Click here to watch or download: Transition Point

Wow, what a launch! A special Video STF

Click here to watch or download: Go Atlantis!

The Space Task Force at the launch of STS-129. Wow. Tim and I have been fortunate to see launches at the Kennedy Space Center, but today was extremely special. Cloudy weather cleared, we got to see a lot of old friends and the launch was incredible. As NASA starts to wind down the Space Shuttle Program – it’s important to think about the future. 5 flights remain. We’ll see you in space!

Click here to watch or download: Go Atlantis!

STF Video: Ares 1-X Test Flight

Click here to watch or download: Go Ares!

George and Tim at the Ares 1-X Test Flight on October 28, 2009. This test flight was delayed by weather for a day. Special thanks to

Click here to watch or download: Go Ares!