Sept 20, 2010: “It’s a LITERAL RIVER: This calls for a study!”

Anousheh Ansari in her Orlan space suitFor the second podcast in conjunction with, we decided to mix it up a bit and introduce the all female version! We tackle everything from what it’s like being a woman in the space industry to some of our favorite space shuttle stories. And for some fun we threw in a few stories about some trouble we may or may not have gotten into. With the likes of Jen Scheer, Kat Coderre and Amanda Stiles along with Spacevidcast’s very own Cariann Higginbotham, you know it has to be good.

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Sept 13, 2010: Beans are GO!

Beans Are GO!Space discussion roundtable with Tim Bailey, Robert Pearlman, Jeff Foust and Emory Stagmer. This weeks topic is the end of Constellation, the final flight of Space Shuttle Discovery and Beans are GO!

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Space Task Force: President Obama’s Visit to KSC

George and Tim take a look at President Obama’s visit to Space X and the Kennedy Space Center, what it means for the present – and what it means to the future of NASA.

STF Audio – Click here to download: President Obama’s Visit to KSC

New Year, New Beginnings

As we celebrate the inauguration of a new president in the United States, it’s the perfect time to launch a new edition of the Space Task Force. Join us for a conversation about Barack Obama and space, Space X, Virgin Galactic and all things space. You’re in the No Gravity Zone with George and Tim as the Space Task Force launches, right now!

Click here for: STF27 – Jan 27, 2009

SpaceShipOne: Thanks for the Memories

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From ISDC 2008, George and Tim interview Dan Linehan the author of SpaceShipOne: An Illustrated History. It’s an incredible look back of the history of the world’s first commercial manned space program.

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To buy Dan’s book, check out this link to

ISDC 2008: Have Spacesuit, Will Jump

Ferris Valyn via Daily KosClick here for: ISDC08-Orbital Outfitters

It’s everyone’s favorite topic, jumping out of a perfectly good spaceship. Jeff Feige of Orbital Outfitters says when you jump – it’s all about attitude.

What will the spacesuit of the future look like? How will your basic comforts be taken care of? Will you look cool?

Those questions and more (Tim even sings) in this special edition of your Space Task Force, as we take the No Gravity Zone to Washington, D.C. for ISDC 2008.

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The Wonder of It All – Episode 24 of Your Space Task Force

The Wonder of It AllOkay folks – let’s go to ISDC in Washington, DC! There are a hundred reasons to hit this space conference, but one of the best is to see the space documentary The Wonder of It All. Tune in for our interview with Director Jeff Roth.

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