ISDC 2009 Video Wrap Up

George and Tim talk about the highlights of ISDC 2009 in Orlando, Florida.

Click here to download: ISDC09 – June 3, 2009

ISDC: Michael Mealing, Masten Space Systems

One of the most innovative private space companies is Masten Space Systems. When you decide to go into space – Masten wants to make it as simple as making a retail purchase – and it looks like they’re already well on their way to doing just that. Michael Mealing, the CFO and VP of Business Development stopped by to tell us why it doesn’t need to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to go into space and why you can start making your plans right now.

Space Task Force Episode 6.4: Michael Mealing, Masten Space Systems

ISDC: Dr. Robert Zubrin; Founder and President of the Mars Society

One of the coolest parts of ISDC was getting to spend some time with Robert Zubrin, the Founder and President of the Mars Society. In this interview, he gives his take on why going to Mars is critical – and how you can play a role. He also tells us about the 10th International Mars Society Convention, August 30 to September 2 at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Listen here: Here’s that interview: Space Task Force Episode 6.3 Dr. Robert Zubrin

ISDC: Robert Pearlman, collectSPACE

If you want a piece of space history, is a good place to start. The site offers everything you need to know about artifacts – but also breaks news as well. The founder of collectSPACE, Robert Pearlman, stopped by to talk with us about everything from Project Apollo – to the Shuttle Launch Experience at the Kennedy Space Center.

Here’s that interview: Space Task Force Episode 6.2 Robert Pearlman

ISDC: Ken Davidian: NASA Centennial Challenges

We talked with a lot of great people in Dallas, and one of those was Ken Davidian. In this interview he talks about the NASA Centennial Challenges for 2006, what’s to come – and some great things to expect at the 2007 Wirefly X PRIZE Cup.

Here’s that interview: Space Task Force Episode 6.1 Ken Davidian

ISDC: Back from Dallas

Tim and I had a great time in Dallas, Texas at ISDC. Special thanks to the National Space Society for outstanding hospitality. So let’s get started with the podcasts. Here’s an overview from Tim and I on the floor of the conference.

Listen here: Space Task Force Episode 6.0

Deep in the heart of Texas…

Greetings from ISDC in Dallas. Tim and I attended part of the Space Venture Finance Symposium today.

A great set up here in the heart of Texas – and we look forward to bringing you some great interviews.

A big thanks goes out to the National Space Society for helping us out and making us feel right at home.

More to come soon…