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Jumping out of a perfectly good spaceship: STF Episode 9

Episode 9 of the Space Task Force. Space Shuttles, Space Diving, Isolation and Mars and “Where’s Tim Now?” All ahead on Episode 9 of the Space Task Force.

Click here for Episode 9: Space Task Force Episode 9

Space Task Force Episode 8

A very busy week in space. We cover developments on board the International Space Station and the mission of Space Shuttle Atlantis. Tim talks about watching a top-secret Atlas 5 launch from his driveway and the launch of The Wonder of it All, a new movie dedicated to the Apollo astronauts. For me – it’s all about decorum in Zero-G (Bach versus Korn) and oceans on Mars (wonder what a Mars shark would have looked like?).

But wait – there’s more — don’t miss our review of – Mr. Bailey goes to Washington.
All ahead on Episode 8 of the Space Task Force.

Click here for Episode 8:Space Task Force Episode 8