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Not Because It’s Easy – Video Preview

With the retirement of the Space Shuttle, members of the SpaceTaskForce went into the background – and went to work.

One of the completed projects we’re proud to present is a new book called Not Because It’s Easy. Here’s a preview of the book in trailer form!

“Not Because It’s Easy” is based on the history of Project Apollo – looking at the future of Space Exploration.

Not Because It’s Easy

A Novel by George C. Schellenger

One part metaphorical autobiography, one part rollicking adventure story, and one part self-help guide, Not Because It’s Easy is a trip to extremes you won’t forget.

For Agent Hunter Algier, it’s anything but easy: saving a charter jet from crashing into the suburbs of Northern Virginia; escaping the evil clutches of his ex-wife; tracking down three artifacts from Roswell, New Mexico; listening to a possessed billionaire moonwalker talk about Project Apollo; surviving a shootout on a golf course at one of America’s most prestigious country clubs; and coming face to face with a massive Tiger Shark at night.

That’s just the warm up.

The real adventure begins in an underground cave full of poisonous spiders somewhere in the Cayman Islands, ending in orbit somewhere above the planet. Success or failure on his mission could be the difference between reaching his ultimate goal or unwittingly aiding in the destruction of the free world.

Then again, for Agent Algier, it’s a typical week on the job.

Not Because It’s Easy – Now Available

Not Because It's Easy - Now Available

George C. Schellenger’s new novel, Not Because It’s Easy is now available on Amazon. Let us know what you think!

Best NASA Video of All Time…

Yeah… this pretty much says it all.

The Space Task Force is coming back… stay tuned for more… 🙂

Sept 20, 2010: “It’s a LITERAL RIVER: This calls for a study!”

Anousheh Ansari in her Orlan space suitFor the second podcast in conjunction with, we decided to mix it up a bit and introduce the all female version! We tackle everything from what it’s like being a woman in the space industry to some of our favorite space shuttle stories. And for some fun we threw in a few stories about some trouble we may or may not have gotten into. With the likes of Jen Scheer, Kat Coderre and Amanda Stiles along with Spacevidcast’s very own Cariann Higginbotham, you know it has to be good.

Listen here

Download here

Sept 13, 2010: Beans are GO!

Beans Are GO!Space discussion roundtable with Tim Bailey, Robert Pearlman, Jeff Foust and Emory Stagmer. This weeks topic is the end of Constellation, the final flight of Space Shuttle Discovery and Beans are GO!

Listen here

Download here

Atlantis’s Final Flight – STS 132

SpaceTaskForce and SpaceVidCast with Space Shuttle Atlantis

SpaceTaskForce and SpaceVidCast with Space Shuttle Atlantis

Click here to download STF Video: Space Shuttle Atlantis: The Final Flight

George and Tim cover the final flight of Space Shuttle Atlantis, in this special video — with Ben and Cariann from We’ll see you in space!

Click here to download STF Video: Space Shuttle Atlantis: The Final Flight

STF: STSF-131 Landing

George Schellenger and Tim Bailey report from the Shuttle Landing Facility at NASA Kennedy Space Center on April 20, 2010. Space Shuttle Discovery landed after nearly 16 days in space during mission STS-131.

You can also check out our latest video of the STS-131 Landing on Vimeo!.

Extended STF: President Obama goes to NASA

George Schellenger and Tim Bailey at NASA KSC

George and Tim in front of NASA's VAB

George and Tim take a broad look at President Obama’s trip to NASA from Space X to Orion. What’s in it for you? How can you get involved? This time on the Space Task Force.

Click here to download STF Video: President Obama’s Visit to KSC

Space Task Force: President Obama’s Visit to KSC

George and Tim take a look at President Obama’s visit to Space X and the Kennedy Space Center, what it means for the present – and what it means to the future of NASA.

STF Audio – Click here to download: President Obama’s Visit to KSC