STF Episode 13: We’re Back

Click here for: Space Task Force Episode 13

In this episode:

  • George returns from swimming with great white sharks
  • NASA’s NEEMO mission trains aquanauts
  • news on tiles, teachers, and ripped gloves on space shuttle mission STS-118
  • tips from public relations expert Ian Murphy
  • updates on ‘teacher in space’ Barbara Morgan’s space-flown basil seeds
  • Roving Mars on DVD with downloadable educator guide

Click here for: Space Task Force Episode 13

STF returns this week!

We’ve been on a break while George was out filming great white sharks in the Pacific Ocean. He’s made it back to dry land safe and we are gearing up for our next episode! A lot has happened in the past few weeks with the launch of STS-118:

All these topics and more will be covered in out next show.