Space Task Force – Episode #1.

Download Episode 1

Think of it as a test vehicle, we’re working out the bugs and making sure all systems are nominal. Can we do this? Can we deliver quality space entertainment to the masses and keep them entertained and informed, while they’re waiting for the spacecraft of tomorrow to be built? No small goal, sure, but why not give it a try?

(By the way, you’ve got to love the word nominal. It’s just an intelligent word).

This first show runs about 50 minutes (give or take a few seconds).

The rundown goes a little something like:


  • George introduces the show (from the shores of the highly secretive Lake Apollo – on the Space Coast of Florida)
  • George talks about the sponsor (
  • George Introduces Tim Bailey, co-host and rocket scientist extraordinaire (
  • Tim introduces George, he’s won a few Emmys (
  • Tim talks about ZERO-G ( (he’s a coach onboard)
  • George and Tim discuss the Space Task Force and what it’s all about (George is the Journalist, Tim is the Rocket Scientist)

Yuri’s Night Preview ( We discuss why Yuri jumped out of the spacecraft on the way back – and the missing 18 minutes of his flight. We also talk about events coming up on April 12 (the anniversary of Yuri’s flight). A musical break from Scott Rodell (a damn good song and downloadable from

Space Headlines (special sound effects provided by Tim)

  • Space junk and air traffic (and why the two aren’t a good combination)
  • Bigelow Aerospace and valet parking (Expensive? Who would you trust with your spacecraft? And what about the Space Junk?)
  • Who wins the race back to the Moon? Tim gives the definitive answer (at least for this week)
  • Space Clothing Design (How do you drink a martini in space? We don’t really talk about that this time around, but it’s a good question) (For more great space design check out Tim’s company,
  • Why the International Space Station needs good module names (listen and it will become clear)
  • Stephen Hawkings dream of a lifetime (A Brief History of Time, still a good book – but check out A Briefer History of Time to the right)

George and Tim talk with Frank Miller, Event Manager of the World Space Expo (

Show wrap

That’s show number one, please send comments, suggestions – or your own space music to .

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