Interview live from SPACE on the Colbert Report!

On Thursday night, astronaut Garrett Reisman was a guest on the popular comedy/news show the Colbert Report on Comedy Central. Reisman was broadcast LIVE into the taping earlier in the week via a video hookup through Mission Control in Houston.

Colber started the interview by showing Reisman wearing his signature “Wrist Strong” bracelet in a NASA photograph! The crowd LOVED Reisman and went wild when he admitted to being part of the “Colbert Nation” fan club–and suggested they expand it to be the Colbert Universe.

Colbert and Reisman had a long talk and touched on a wide variety of topics–including the new Constellation program! Reisman even did some neat tricks for the show like flipping around inside the international space station. Soon you will be able to check out clips from the show online.

Kudos to NASA for allowing the interview to happen! With the immense popularity of the Colbert Report and the GREAT performance by Reisman , this may do more to get people interested in space than any other single interview in the last few years. Thanks, Garrett!!

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