Another Roving Report

Keith Cowing floats in the Zero G airplane.  Click for story.Hello spacers!

I’ve been off on another week of space-related adventures that took me across the entire North American continent. On the East coast, I took a trip with teachers on the Northrop Grumman Weightless Flights of Discovery. The inspiring experience is documented here by our friend Keith Cowing for SpaceRef.

Next, I was off to “Experience the Future” at Wired NextFest in LA. One of the big exhibits showcased the new Google Lunar X PRIZE, a Google Lunar X PRIZErobotic race to the Moon to win a remarkable $30 million prize purse. I even got a picture taken that will fly to the moon!! Also on display were exhibits from NASA centers, including a cool interactive touch-screen wall from Marshall Space Flight Center.

We’ll cover all this and more in our next episode. Stay tuned!

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