iPhones in Space: STF Episode 10

“Roger, Houston. I have deployed the iPhone.
Now if I could just get it activated.”

Space Task Force Episode 10

Tim is back in studio to talk about his recent space adventures.

We also have a special guest from NASA’s Ames Research Center to talk about the role you can play in the NASA CoLab website.
My big question this week is – what if they’d had an iPhone during Project Apollo? Would we already be on Mars?
That and a Shuttle Launch Experience on this week’s SpaceTaskForce.

Click here for Episode 10: Space Task Force Episode 10

(as far as I know, NASA doesn’t endorse the iPhone, so apologies about the photo above…but still – it makes you wonder…)

One Response

  1. Check out this clip of NASA CoLab on TV. Robbie Schingler and Delia Santiago (our interviewee) are both on camera!

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