Space Task Force Episode 3

The latest episode of the Space Task Force is now available for your listening pleasure. Just click here to download.

We were honored to have Paul Sierpinski from the United Space Alliance in the studio. He’s an expert on the Space Shuttle’s External Fuel Tank.

In the show, we talk about ZeroG (G Force One gets an upgrade).

Tim gives us a recap of Yuri’s Night – from Washington, DC to California. Pictures from Yuri’s Night. The story of Moon Trees.

In space headlines:

  • there could soon be a space raffle with your name on it from a man who’s walked on the moon. [link]
  • We also discuss the new Space Shuttle schedule. [link] In-studio guest Paul Sierpinski talks about the Shuttle’s External Tank and what’s involved in making it flight worthy.
  • Lawmakers argue with the NASA Administrator over money and moon landings [link]
  • Some sonic booms in the sunshine state – could they clear the way for-a-one-of a kind vacation?[link]

We also give a special shout out to the National Space Society and the International Space Development Conference coming up this May.

Enjoy the show… please let us know your feedback.

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